Ayurveda Color Healing

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From the very earliest of times, the ancients have connected colors with healing powers. Each color is said to have different attributes, different energy levels, and different healing (or non-healing) effects on people and the environment. As with all things Ayurveda, each of the three doshas are associated with colors that create balance, while excesses of these hues or incompatible colors invite imbalance. Once you learn the art of Ayurveda color healing, you can wisely chooses shades and tones that are in keeping with your dosha and which boost your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Colors and the Doshas

It has long been known that colors have beneficial healing effects, promoting wellness and peace of mind. In the Science of Ayurveda, all of the doshas are effected by colors in general, while each of the doshas is linked to one or more specific colors and their respective attributes.

The Ayurvedic dosha color-connection is as follows:

  • Vata is associated with light blue
  • Pitta is associated with fiery red
  • Kapha is associated with light and shades of glowing yellow

In general, bright colors stimulate and increase energy levels; however, excesses of bright hues can cause burnout and fatigue. Dark colors are heavier with a cooling effect, while mid-tone red/orange colors are warm and stimulating.

Ayurveda Color Healing Tips

Colors can be used to boost your natural constitution and even to ward off negative influences. Not sure what your dosha or Ayurvedic body type is? Simply take the online Dosha Quiz and discover a wealth of information about your own mind-body, including a range of health-and-wellness tips and daily lifestyle guidelines which will boost your physical, mental, and emotional states and help you achieve your personal goals.

Keeping in mind that balance in Ayurveda is achieved by introducing 'the opposite,' here are some tips on how to choose colors that benefit your dosha:

  • To balance the naturally cool Vata and Kapha types, choose warm colors such as pink, coral, and mauve
  • To balance hot and aggravated Pitta types, choose more subdued tones of brown, green, or blue
  • The cool properties of silver and platinum (associated with the moon and the stars) benefit Pitta dosha
  • The warm, sun-like properties of gold (and even gold jewelry!) benefit Vata and Kapha doshas
  • To counter-balance Kapha-types' white and cool properties, they should choose enlivening/vitalizing colors
  • Certain shades of black are associated with impure or destructive energies (tamasic gunas) and should be avoided by all the doshas
  • Excesses of yellow and blue should also be avoided by all the doshas

Soothing Colors for Vata Dosha

If your body type is Vata, follow these Ayurvedic tips on colors that will either balance or aggravate your natural constitution.

  • To counterbalance Vata's naturally thin, cold, and often agitated or super-charged state, choose warming reds, oranges and pastels. Add to this some sunny yellow and shades of green. Shy away, however, from vibrant, stimulating hot colors, and minimize your use of darker and cooler blacks, browns, and blues.

Soothing Colors for Pitta Dosha

If your body type is Pitta, follow these Ayurvedic tips on colors that will either create calm or chaos in your mind-body system:

  • To counterbalance your naturally fiery personality, stay away from inflaming reds and oranges and minimize your contact with gold and yellow. On the other hand, softer and cooler shades of blue, blue-green, purple, violet, and silver will boost your dosha and promote health and wellness.

Soothing Colors for Kapha Dosha

If your body type is Kapha, follow these Ayurvedic tips on colors that will balance and boost your mind, body, and spirit:

  • To counteract your natural tendencies towards lethargy, staying in your comfort zone, and a mind-body heaviness, choose dynamic, energizing, bold colors such red/yellow/orange, as well as majestic gold. On the flip side, shy away from an excess of white, navy blue, and green.

Ayurveda Color Chart

Ayurvedic practitioners have long been aware of the influence colors have on one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Depending on your dosha or natural constitution, colors can have soothing, beneficial effects or can invite imbalance and a state of disarray.

To help you choose colors that suit your body type, follow this handy Ayurveda Color Chart:

Natural Benefits In Surplus
Red Boosts circulation and self-confidence
Decreases depression and lethargy
Increases objectivity
Cools and calms emotions
Yellow Energizes
Increases clarity and communication
Decreases need to criticize
Improves memory
Can cause agitation, restlessness, and hyperactivity
Reduces focus
Orange Boosts confidence
Decreases fatigue
Decreases loneliness
Aids thyroid function
Associated with sexual issues
Green Calms nerves and anxiety
Reduces fever
Helps balance metabolism
Decreases indecisiveness
Leads to increased Kapha energies
Blue Calms/cools emotions
Promotes tranquility
Increases patience
Lowers stress
Defuses anger
Promotes regulated sleep
Has antibiotic effects
Leads to increases in all three doshas
Lowers sense of compassion
Violet Boosts immune system
Increases spirituality
Reduces insomnia
Dampens aggressive feelings
Represses/inhibits emotions
Black Helps suppress or oppose negative feelings Promotes fear
Induces feelings of paranoia
Increases and agitates all three doshas
White Has antiviral, antibiotic, and pain-relief effects
Calms the mind, body, and emotions
Boosts compassion, vitality, and connection to spirituality
Can lead to sluggishness and lassitude
Induces hypersensitivity
Purple Relaxes stiff joints
Reduces chest pain
Boosts confidence
Inhibits and represses feelings/emotions
Grey Calms emotions
Cooling effect
Boosts objectivity
Decreases vigor/ liveliness
Can lead to depression

As you master the art of Ayurvedic color therapy, consider learning about Ayurvedic gemstone therapy, massage therapy, Ayurveda-Yoga practices, and the healing properties of essential oils.

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Ayurveda Color Healing
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